A terroir is an area characterised by its soil and its climate.

With its territory facing south of the Alps, Ticino has an ideal climate for viticulture, even if not all the areas are suitable for growing vines.

The damp, cold, north-facing areas or those at the bottom of the valley certainly do not make this type of cultivation profitable.

Sopraceneri is strongly influenced by its proximity to the Alps. The microclimate is quite different from that found further south in the canton. The warm days and cooler nights compared to the Sottoceneri allow the grapes to ripen more slowly and preserve their organoleptic freshness.

What is certain is that the characteristics of the soil influence the growth of the plants and consequently the harvest products. The clay and limestone content, the presence of micronutrients such as iron or manganese, the permeability to rainfall and the rooting depth are all soil characteristics that influence the quality of the grapes.

Diversity is our greatest strength.

The territoriality, the climatic and morphological peculiarities of the production areas as well as the dynamic commercial strategies are the most important values on which the winery’s philosophy is based.