“To each region its tradition, to each region its wine”.

All wines produced by Gialdi Vini SA are inspired by this concept, are representative of the individual regions and strongly preserve their identity. The numerous awards received in recent decades reward the validity of this company philosophy.

The wide selection of Gialdi products consists of two different lines that differ in their organoleptic characteristics linked to the area from which the grapes come.

The Gialdi Line mainly proposes wines obtained from the vinification of grapes purchased from about two hundred vine-growers who tend their vineyards located in the Tre Valli region, in the Sopraceneri area north of the Canton of Ticino.
The sandy and consequently very draining soil gives these wines spicy and balsamic notes, while the presence of gneiss mother rock and granite give these “northern” wines great sapidity and an austere character that makes them at the same time complex, balanced and adapted to long ageing

Gialdi wines

The company has around thirty labels, equally divided between the two production lines, of high-quality wines produced in full respect of these two spectacular terroirs and valorising their typicality.

Linea Brivio, on the other hand, focuses on the production of wines from southern Ticino. Here, the grapes are supplied by about eighty winegrowers from the Sottoceneri region. In the south, the soils are calcareous, heavier, rich in clay and deeper than in the Sopraceneri.
The resulting wines are full-bodied, smooth and very elegant.

Brivio wines