About us

Thanks to the company’s determination to produce high quality wines with territorial connections, Gialdi Vini is at the top of Swiss wine production.

Today, as in the past, the Gialdi family carries on the legacy of its knowledge between Mendrisio and Bodio, where it all began. One of the most important companies in Ticino and Switzerland, with a proven history and a future yet to be written.

The tradition goes on

Gialdi Vini SA was founded in 1953 by Guglielmo Gialdi and was initially dedicated to the wine trade. In 1984, following the purchase of a wine cellar in the north of Ticino, the company began the production of its own Merlot, which over the years developed both in the north and south of the region Ticino.

The determination of Feliciano Gialdi, the company’s current director, immediately gave new impulses to the creation of high quality products and the development of new business projects with a focus on absolute respect for the territory.

The production lines are therefore equipped with the most modern technology, while as far as ageing is concerned, it is decided to valorise the traditions. The historic cellars in Mendrisio dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, where a constant temperature and an ideal climate guarantee excellent ageing of the wines, are therefore renovated, creating splendid barrel cellars.

Feliciano Gialdi also gives great importance to the work of all his staff, and in particular to his cellar team and his oenologist Alfred De Martin. The collaboration and professionalism of his loyal employees, together with the numerous investments, have led the company and its wines to become one of the most important wineries in Switzerland.

A daily mission

The company’s philosophy aims to enhance the collaboration with the winegrowers who, with great passion, professionality and dedication, have been cultivating the vineyards for generations, expressing the identity of a territory.
Thanks to sustainable agriculture and targeted measures aimed at safeguarding the delicate hydrogeological balance in order to preserve the soil from erosion and maximise the water reserve in the land, our suppliers guarantee us high quality grapes, produced with respect for nature and biodiversity.

In 2016, the company was certified with the ISO 22000 quality mark. This is a system for managing food safety, risk analysis and the control of critical hygiene points. This mark requires absolute transparency and precision in order to guarantee the traceability of raw materials and a production chain free of contamination risks. At the same time, it requires careful and precise management of all administrative aspects.