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In this section you will find a lot of recipes and pairings with our wines. The recipes are abstract from cooking books or are proposed by passionated people. You can suggest your own recipes by the apposite section "Suggest a recipe". You can search all the recipes by introducing the name of a wine. Have fun and enjoy your meal!

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Image Tortelli di zucca
Suggested pairing:
Triglie alle erbe aromatiche
Suggested pairing:
Carisma Sformato di trota salmonata
Ramolo Risotto ai peperoni
Suggested pairing:
Spada in cartoccio
Suggested pairing:
Risotto ai mirtilli
Suggested pairing:
Costolette di agnello al burro di acciughe
Involtini di vitello ai tartufi
Suggested pairing:
Biasca Premium Image
Giornico Oro Faraona alla salvia
Suggested pairing:
Arzo Agnello all'araba
Suggested pairing:
Estro Anatra in salsa aromatica
Suggested pairing:
Sassi Grossi Costata di bue al sale
Image Cinghiale in salsa
Suggested pairing:
Strudel di albicocche
Suggested pairing:
Recipes Cooking time Difficulty Culinary pairings
Crab meat omelette Omelette alla polpa di granchio 30 min medium Sottosopra
Vine leaf parcels Image 50 min easy  
Seafood risotto Image 30 min easy Ramolo
Sea bass baked in a parcel Image 30 min easy Carisma
Sea bass with fennel Image 30 min easy  
Parmesan aubergines Image 90 min medium  
Pork shoulder with prunes Carré di maiale alle prugne 2 hours medium  
Braised veal topside Arrosto di girello 2 hours easy  
Chicken cacciatore Image 60 min easy Biasca Premium
Beef Wellington Filetto in crosta al pâté 50 min medium Giornico Oro
Simple poached beef Lesso casalingo 2 hrs 30 min medium Arzo
Roman spring lamb Abbacchio alla romana 1 hour easy Estro
Braised beef Brasato 2 hours medium Sassi Grossi
Tournedos Rossini Tournedos alla Rossini 25 min medium Trentasei
Torrone soufflé Soufflé al torrone 40 min medium  
Pumpkin tortelli Tortelli di zucca 1 hour easy Sottosopra
Red Mullet with herbs Triglie alle erbe aromatiche 20 min easy  
Sea trout mould Sformato di trota salmonata 1 hour medium Carisma
Pepper risotto Risotto ai peperoni 30 min easy Ramolo
Swordfish parcels Spada in cartoccio 30 min easy  
Blueberry risotto Risotto ai mirtilli 30 min easy  
Lamb cutlets with anchovy butter Costolette di agnello al burro di acciughe 20 min easy  
Veal bundles with truffles Involtini di vitello ai tartufi 20 min easy  
Veal osso buco with peas Image 1 h 30 min easy Biasca Premium
Hare with wine Lepre al vino 2 hrs 30 min easy Estro
Guinea fowl with sage Faraona alla salvia 1 hour easy Giornico Oro
Arabian lamb Agnello all'araba 2 hours easy Arzo
Duck in herb sauce Anatra in salsa aromatica 2 hours medium Estro
Salted T-bone steak in sauce Costata di bue al sale 30 min easy Sassi Grossi
Wild boar in sauce Cinghiale in salsa 5 hours easy Trentasei
Apricot Strudel Strudel di albicocche 1 h 20 min medium